A fascinating (long) piece on the Man Who Flies Around the World for Free, a.k.a. Ben Schlapping from One Mile at a Time.  Who said travel couldn’t be any more exciting? 

How will the Uber-all economy impact travel in general, and hotels in particular?  You can read The Futures Company’s excellent presentation dealing with the “Uber-all economy” freely on their website. The principles portended by Uber and Uber-like start-ups are slowly changing people’s behaviours, and thus the way businesses address their needs.  Read more…

The perfect travel perfume: Le Labo’s Solid Perfume Drop this small, minimalist, refillable metal object in your favourite bag, and make sure even rushed trips or sleepy mornings won’t deprive you of your signature scent. Ingenious and practical. 

The best perk of waking up in a tent? This travelling Russian shows you in photos. Stunning views of Taijikistan’s Fann Mountains by Grigoryev which may convince even the most reluctant to put on hiking shoes and wander alone in one of the world’s most amazing corners.

A spectacular tour of Greenland in an F16 from the Royal Danish Air Force Sit back, put in in 1080p full-screen, and enjoy the ride! (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)