This icy lighthouse is straight out of Narnia – or, well, Michigan The St Joseph lighthouse gets sculpted by the winds and sub-zero temperatures in Michigan every year, making for a stunning display of Nature’s best work. Powerfully fragile, it truly is a sight to behold. (Source:

The new OK Go video was filmed in 3 seconds. The amazing beauty of super slow mo and weeks of planning for The One Moment (Source:

Are good looking people all jerks? Well, yes, but only because we don’t see the other half of jerks. In our list of cognitive biases, we looked at some of the ones that make us only notice what we want. Our brain strives to be effective, and to be effective Read more…

A spectacular tour of Greenland in an F16 from the Royal Danish Air Force Sit back, put in in 1080p full-screen, and enjoy the ride! (Source: