In this intriguing and beautifully set essay, writer an designer Stas Aki draws parallels between the principles of his two crafts. 

From flow to details, he points out the synergies between a well-written piece and a well-designed work, with a convincing set of examples selected from architecture, painting and publishing. He notably calls out:

  1. Draft then polish,
  2. Some details matter from the start,
  3. Stay true to the meaning,
  4. Communicate,
  5. Be clear,
  6. Avoid clutter.

The author develops each principle further, such as noting that typography is one of the details that matter from the start. It’s difficult to argue with the elegant simplicity and well-illustrated arguments, and perhaps the form of the article is it’s best advocate, perfectly embodying the very principles it deals with. Have a look, it is worth a read.