The Indian Type Foundry, one of the most prolific professional type creators of recent years, has release a new site called Fontshare.

It features 52 unique fonts, ranging from workhorse geometric, like Satoshi, to weighty grotesque, like Clash Grotesk. The collection is tastefully curated and freely available for both personal and commercial use. Albeit not open source, the fonts are under an End User License Agreement (EULA) that is pretty straightforward and can be browsed easily on the Agreement page.

If the name of the Indian Type Foundry, or ITF, rings a bell, it may be because you’ve come across some of their excellent Google Fonts projects. I’m a really big fan of Hind – which I actually used for my own visual identity previously – and Poppins is a widely popular geometric sans serif typeface used by many a modern start-up or tech company.

As wit the majority of the fonts ITF designs, special Latin characters tend to be integrate to the set, allowing for smooth usage in various languages. Non-Latin languages aren’t currently covered, but the FAQ does hint at integration should demand arise.

As mentioned, the EULA is pretty straightforward, especially for regular users who simply want to download and use the font. It can be used to create logos, applications, and any number of uses at any scale. Any others person you’d like to pass it on to will have to download it from the website themselves, to ensure they have read and agreed with the EULA.

Enjoy exploring the many options offered by Fontshare courtesy of ITF! Any favouritess?