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Some of my favourite projects - active or recent


Commercial & Growth Marketing Director, Global
Reimagining the future of home and travel with the award-winning home rentals management startup Hostmaker. Bringing tech and hospitality together to unlock the potential of every home.

Urban Mind

Project transcreation
Urban Mind is a study in how our environment impacts our well-being: can leafy districts improve how we feel?

Lucia Montero

Marketing & commercial support
Supporting London-based visual artist Lucia Montero is a labour of love - very much a visual storyteller herself, her art blends found footage and photography with contemporary musings to interrogate the aesthetics of memory.

Smart Brioche

Brand & visual identity creation
Creating a new visual identity for a new breed of revenue management platform for bars, cafés & restaurants.

InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts

Lead Brand Communications Manager, Europe
Storyteller in chief for 32 luxury hotels in Europe, including some of the most iconic flagships, for the world's largest and oldest luxury hotel brand.

Hotel Indigo®

Lead Brand Communications Manager, Europe
Telling the stories of 24 sophisticated boutique hotels uniquely designed after their neighbourhoods and overseeing the opening of 12 others.

IHG Graduates

Marketing Business Partner, Europe/Global
Paving the way for incredible journeys, from Universities to hospitality heroes. I'm privileged to tell the nascent stories of fresh thinkers.

IHG® Europe

Lead Commercial Marketing Manager, Europe
Leading the growth and commercial performance of diverse portfolios of hotels in Europe, from France to Turkey, Spain to Israel and Italy to Russia.

What I do

#positioning #branding #visualidentity #artdirection #photography #copywriting #graphic design

Stories make the complex simpler. They create a timeline, with protagonists and plot twists, vibrant scenes and context. They help to make sense of the abstruse.

Crafting these stories is my passion. From creative workshops to editorial strategies, and tactical content production to holistic media planning, all the way to full-on branding exercises. 

The right message, at the right time, in the right context, has the power to change the way we see the world.

It’s a TED talk that makes you lace your shoes differently. It’s a tweet that starts a movement. It’s a photo that changes the course of a conflict or a letter that topples a government.

Stories hold power. Which one would you like to tell, and be told?

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