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Stories make the complex simpler. They create a timeline, with protagonists and plot twists, vibrant scenes and context. They help to make sense of the abstruse.

Crafting these stories is my passion. From creative workshops to editorial strategies, and tactical content production to holistic media planning, all the way to full-on branding exercises. The right message, at the right time, in the right context, has the power to change the way we see the world.

It’s a TED talk that makes you lace your shoes differently. It’s a tweet that starts a movement. It’s a photo that changes the course of a conflict or a letter that topples a government.

Stories hold power. Which one would you like to tell, and be told?

How it is done

Where and when I love to be involved
1. Brand and visual identity

1. Brand and visual identity

At the inception of every great story is a question: why are we telling it?

The Ancient Testament’s parables taught us lessons, and now memes make us pause, if only for a second. It’s all about telling it for all the right reasons.

Rooftops between small streets in Lisbon

2. Product positioning

You know the why, now how do you explain it simply and clearly?

Product positioning is about making your value proposition crystal clear for your potential clients, in their words, on their terms.

3. Growth and acquisition

3. Growth and acquisition

How to scale, without losing sight of your identity, your product or your market

Starting off is tough, but scaling up is the true tale: more of the same, the same in more places, or that elusive third lane?

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