Launch of a virtual Book Club for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

As part of a series of virtual interventions to have a dialogue with the vibrant community of Kimpton customers, we launched A Novel Way to Travel

With the various efforts to counter the spread Covid-19 pandemic halting most travel, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants kept imagining new ways to connect with guests stuck at home or just starting to travel again locally.

As part of this programme, we set out to launch a virtual Book Club, made of curated lists of books for each of our destinations outside of the United States, from Tokyo to London to Barcelona and many more.

Concept, copywriting, web design & creative direction for a brand initiative

Uplifting, fresh and inclusive

In line with the Kimpton tone of voice, we kept the headline and copy concept tongue-in-cheek yet smart.

Keeping in mind the inclusive approach of the brand, we were careful to keep the microsite friendly to all: we test the colour contrast for colour-blindness, upped the type point size a little and made sure to sign-post instructions clearly.

The visuals were laid out in simple tablescapes with the colourful covers of some of the editions of the recommended books, making them easy to browse and share.

See the Kimpton Book Club: A Novel Way to Travel




Tablescapes and infographics


Without going for a hyper-realistic look and feel, we wanted to make each tablescape easy-to-read and fresh, including a few nods to the destination.

We kept our Instagram stories similarly simple, to let the book themselves lead the way and be the focus points.

On the web, we opted for an interactive carousel to facilitate an easy navigation, always with that inclusivity in mind.

To bring it all together, where possible, we also produced an infographics format allowing all recommendations to sit on one page.