Stay Human Sceals for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Sceals based on the luxury lifestyle hotel brand’s Stay Human platform

As a detail for an upcoming campaign celebrating human connections after lockdowns for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, we created a series of custom sceals which could be used as playful details on collaterals, stylish merchandise and, why not, coasters. 

 The inspiration was drawn from the brand’s creative platform, Stay Human, which is a visual extension of their mission to create and kindle thoughtful human connections.



The unifying simplicity of line drawings, with a dash of travel inspiration.

Restful human profiles play the role of mountainous horizons, suggesting togetherness, relaxation & the outdoors.

Simple expressions

For this part of the work, the idea was very simple: paring back the idea of human connections to simple, and ideally travel-related expressions.

Option 1 is the most figurative, with hands joined together, suggesting friends reunions, a wave hell or goodbye, and becomes vibrant when coloured.

Option 2 is a strange mix between old maps with river tracing and an old cigar sceal in Tintin and the Cigars of Pharaoh. It plays with two humans joining together, their profiles intersecting elegantly.

Option 3 takes the idea of the profile and makes into a mountainous horizon, with shades suggesting both diversity – something Kimpton is known for – and sunset or sunrise.


Possible applications

These sceals could lend themselves well to merchandise celebrating Stay Human, as mocked up below in Kimpton Charlotte Square Hotel in Edinburgh.