Silence in a museum has never been this fun: Marina Abramovic at London’s Serpentine Gallery

This morning is was put to bed and gently tucked in by Marina Abramovic. The world-renown performance artist notably famous for her way of interacting with her audience has taken residence in Hyde Park’s Serpentine Gallery until mid-August, for an experience about time and self-reflexion which will shake you.

You will be asked to leave any electronic or mechanic device in a locker. Including watches. Time here flies on its own accord.

You will be given noise-suppression headphones. And invited to close your eyes. And led around different activities by Marina and her team themselves. Time is here relative and all is done for you to reflect upon yourself, to introspect, and to examine life without your hearing not your sight.

It is peculiar. It is called 512 hours. It is also unmissable.