Avid mobile photographer? This iPhone case will turn your photos into  magazine-grade photoshoots.

Whilst the name sadly strengthen my conviction that brand consultants are still very much relevant, I must admit that both the premise and the design of this Relonch camera seem excellent. The proposed symbiosis with our ubiquitous mobiles makes a lot of sense, as it takes advantage of a screen all of us already carry as well as inserting itself in the natural flow of photo sharing. Besides, it does away with some of the bulk inherent to bridges and reflex cameras.

However, to be truly appealing, it would have to 1) find a more memorable name, 2) work with third-party camera apps such as FlickR or Camera+, and 3) have technical specifications in line with the hefty price point, which would get you a brand new Sony Alpha A5100 with a cool 16-50 lens, amongst other things. Wait and see.