Storytelling in 2015:  why it is both the best of times and the worst

The team behind the great ReadThisThing newsletter, which features one article a day that is absolutely worth your time, knows a thing or two about great stories. They crawl the main publications every day to extract the crème de la crème of what writers bled on paper in the last 24h. 

In this piece, they explain how it’s both the best and the worst of times. Extracts below, full article behind the first link:

Great stories are reaching more people than ever, […] but news divisions are still shrinking.

Our access to knowledge and stories has never been greater, and […] [yet]  “21 things only a 90s kid can appreciate” will probably get 50 times more traffic than a post about climate change.

The internet is an army of sleuths attacking every claim to find holes. Fact-checking has never been stronger. […]  The truth has never in history had a better chance of emerging than it does today.