How to lead a brainwriting session to unlock your team’s creativity

Brainstorming is passé and has been proven to be limited. The new science behind creativity and ideation suggests brainwriting as the next best solution.

The concept is simple:
1) get briefed on what we’re trying to achieve – say, make gingerbread houses a fashionable thing (The Great British Bake Off biscuit week is rubbing of on me)
2) distribute a piece of paper to everyone in the room, where you will write three ideas (headlines, concept…) – say, “Gingerbread is the yogi’s best friend”, “All hail gingerbread” and “You love ginger. You love bread. You know what’s next!”
3) pass your piece of paper to the next person, who will build on your ideas and write three new ones
4) everyone feeds back on what their favourite idea is, and discuss it with the others

More details from Emma Derbyshire on ClickZ here!