5 rules to build your best sales deck ever

In an era where small teams with a purpose can enter nearly any market at will, it’s tougher than ever to find – and keep – your customers. Getting your story to stand out is incredibly hard. It’s also essential.

The Mission’s Andy Ruskin dissects one of the best sales decks he’s ever seen, and highlights 5 key take-outs.

This should become your ultimate checklist. Does your current sales deck tick all the boxes?
1. Name the single most relevant problem your client or its industry is facing
2. Show that said problem will make or break companies
3. Show what the ultimate result looks like – with the problem overcome
4. Introduce features as incredible solutions to the epic problem
5. Show success stories proving that you mean business

Check out Andy’s full article on the greatest sales deck he’s ever seen for a much more detailed account and the slides from Zuora’s deck – it is well worth a read. Then another. Then quite a few hours refining your sales deck. Like I’m doing now.