(via Paris Mayor Pledges a Greener ‘15-Minute City’ – CityLab)

Just reelected Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo has pledged in her manifesto to make the densest metropolis in Europe a “15-minute city” – or, in French, the ‘quart d’heure’.

What she means by that motto is that residents should have all their needs met—be they for work, shopping, health, or culture—within 15 minutes of their own doorstep, but it goes much further.

From a “Made in Paris” label for local makers and workshops all the way to developing “sports social clubs” to incentivise outdoor movement routine and meet ups.

The Bloomberg City Lab write up is full of the latest urban policies looking at making leaving together in higher density areas more comfortable, and =, in many ways, more humane. It’s especially relevant now in 2020.

Bonus: did you know that Paris has an online map of all of its trees?